Paint for a Change

Across the nation, the Black Lives Matter movement has grown to be a pivotal and essential act of activism and change. It must be a movement that is remembered and discussed amongst communities, politicians, and families. With our goal of improving our community, Initi8 decided to take action and advocated the movement through art. The North Natomas Public Library statue, "Authors of Our Own Destiny," is an interactive sculpture that allows the community to say a message and have their voices heard. We at Initi8 decided to use this as a vehicle to advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement. We gathered a group of students from Inderkum High School and collaborated with Inderkum art teacher, Ms. Rodriguez, and painted a mural, representing the Black Lives Matter movement and honoring George Floyd. We wanted to do something to show our solidarity and raise awareness of this cause. The book is already a staple in our community, and we saw it as an excellent opportunity to continue the Black Lives Matter conversation.

We'd like to give thanks to Ms. Rodriguez and Nicole Nicolas for helping and collaborating with us to make this happen. We'd also like to give thanks to the Natomas Buzz for documenting and writing about our work.

See photos below to see how you can help the Black Lives Matter movement: