project 81

Reopening the country after the COVID-19 pandemic is a difficult task for all businesses. Businesses and the state as a whole have been struggling to determine what is the best way to reopen, especially since it doesn't seem like the virus is slowing down anytime soon.
custom masks for businesses
Together, along with a small group of volunteers, we will be creating custom masks for businesses in our community.


masks for our community
For this event, we will be creating custom masks for local small businesses and shops. All masks will be handmade and donated to the businesses. We'll customize them to show the business logo so all employees can wear them while maintaining a professional setting. 
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Sid in a Mask.jpg


support our shop or volunteer to help out


masks will also be made and donated to some of our local health care workers
In addition to creating masks for local businesses, we will also be selling handmade masks. 
support our cause by purchasing our products
For every order purchased, we will be donating one mask to some of our local health care workers


These are handmade reusable masks made by our team as well as other volunteers. They come in packs of 2 with the pictured colors as options. All masks are made with cotton fabric and use 1/8'' black elastic. All masks come with a Pellon interfacing filter in the middle.* Each mask is 9''x6'' when opened up with 2 pleats. For each pack purchased, we will donate one mask to frontline workers on your behalf. If 3 or more masks are purchased, we will include an ear guard as well. All proceeds go to helping us keep our operations. Your purchase allows us to continue supporting frontline workers and uphold our community operations in an effort to create an impact.