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Thank you all for signing up to be a tutor! Here you will find all of the useful links and information needed for tutoring sessions!

If you haven't already, please make sure to join our remind. It's where we send out important announcements and information! 

Text @educ8sac to 81010

Scheduling information could be found on our schedules page.



On the document linked below we have gathered additional resources and material that you can use during your sessions. Materials includes credible websites, PDFs of books you can read together, worksheets, and more. Details are all on the document. 


If you feel as if your student is making great progress with their sessions, send them a golden star! Just fill our the form below. 

Hi tutors!

First and foremost thank you everyone for signing up! We really appreciate it! Before you begin your first session, here’s some more information about how this program will run:


Sidharth and I (Emily) are here to help you with anything. You can ask us for help with sessions, to cover for you if you can’t make it to a session, service hours, to help you contact the parent or student, technical difficulties, etc. 


You can contact us at:

Emily | (916) 524-9260


Sidharth | (916) 407-9922 


We will have content lined up for you for K-8 (linked to the right). This will be a resource for you guys to help plan tutoring sessions and so you know what to teach. Some children need you to help them with their homework or schoolwork, well others need some extra practice. If you find yourself with nothing to do for the hour or rest of the hour, you will find some great activities in our resource doc as well. 

All sessions will take place over Zoom. For safety precaution, please send me (Emily) your meeting ID and password. You can text it to me at (916)524-9260. 

If your student does not show up or does not contact you by the first 10 min of the session, text, email, or call the parent to remind them. If they do not respond to you or do not show up another 10 min later (so 20 min into the session) end the call and consider the session to be cancelled. If your student does not show up to three sessions in a row without letting me or you know, we will have to discontinue their tutoring sessions for the time being. Just let me know and I will take care of telling them. We want to give more children this opportunity and pair you up with other student to tutor.

Lastly, hour logs. We ask that every tutor logs their hour weekly. The hour log is attached on this page. Just check the box next to your name and session that you've completed. You can check your box all at the end of the week or after each session. You can also check out your cumulative hours in the second tab at the bottom. I clear the form Sunday night so, please log your hours by then. 

That is all! Thank you all again and I hope you enjoy your sessions! Contact me if you have any questions or concerns. 




We need everyone to sign this photo release form so we can post your profile pictures on our website. Please get this back to us as soon as possible. You can just send it back to us through remind. Thank you !


We ask that all tutors log their hours (especially those who wish to use these hours as service hours). Either at the end of the week or at the end of every session, please mark the checkbox on the right of the sessions you've completed to show that you've done it. This would just confirm your hours so we can give you service hours. Thanks!

All sessions will take place over Zoom. Please send your meeting ID and PW to the number below. Thanks!



If you have any questions, concerns, or are struggling with your sessions, please fill out the form below! We want to help you as much as possible !


If you have any questions or concerns message or email me!


Number | (916) 524-9260 

Email |

If you cannot reach me, then contact Sidharth. 


Number | (916) 407-9922

Email | 


 Your support and contributions will enable us to further our work and support new and existing projects.

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